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Young designers and typographers are currently rediscovering traditional printing methods and using them to give their work a special handcrafted quality. Studio On Fire is a design studio, workshop, and printer all rolled into one. Founded and managed by Ben Levitz, the Minnesota-based company not only belongs to the trailblazers of this movement, but has also become a seminal representative of how to effectively blend current and classical graphic design styles and techniques.

Studio On Fire is the logical consequence of Levitz´s life-long passion for everything related to design, printing, and paper. Since his youth, he has collected old printing presses, and, over the years, learned to master the challenging design processes associated with labor-intensive techniques including letterpress, screen printing, hot foil stamping, and blind embossing. Studio On Fire´s designs and products are distinguished by a phenomenal richness and attention to detail. Today, an impressive list of clients appreciates the haptic sensuousness of their work.

This book is a collection of Studio On Fire’s own work as well as projects commissioned by designers, artists, agencies, private clients, and brands. The designs are done in a wide range of formats such as placards, posters, books, flyers, folders, business cards, and wallpaper. From unique wedding invitations to printed art, the examples included here show the inspiring results of seamlessly melding traditional techniques and handicraft with contemporary design.


Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty

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Studio on Fire
17 x 24 cm
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144 pages, full color, hardcover
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Outstanding work by the trailblazers of the current letterpress movement.

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Studio On Fire is at the forefront of the current letterpress movement—the rediscovery of old printing machines and techniques by young designers. The phenomenal detail and haptic sensuousness of their work have made this Minnesota-based company a seminal reference for how to effectively blend current and classical graphic design styles with production methods.

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