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Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/11/2002 - 03:00

Streetwise Two From July 15 through 19

ROYAL ELASTICS STREETWISE TWO is a unique week of live art and music fusion.    JULY 15-19, 2-5 pm daily: Live Art and Open Turntables JULY 19, 6-11pm: Murals Completion Party with Guest U.S. DJs    Where: KUNSTHOF,   ORANIENBURGER STRASSE 27,   10117 BERLIN-MITTE    Featuring live mural paintings and collaborations by internationally established Urban Artists: DOZE, SHEONE, MR.JAGO, WILL BARRAS, STEFF PLAETZ WORKHORSE, KAMI AND SASUKE.     ‘Royal Elastics Streetwise Two ’ has located a gallery space in the buzzing trendy area of Mitte Berlin. This space will play host to an exchange of ideas, styles and talents as eight artists from different backgrounds, cultures and cites come together to adorn full-sized walls. This offers the artists a chance to establish a dialogue between each other, creating murals that will reinforce and show the great range of styles and working methods that now make up this worldwide cadre of artists, creators and makers of stuff.    Individually these artists are at the top of their game. All of them are capable of creating art that is not only truly beautiful but art that resonates and hums with the spirit of the streets from where it springs. It is the visual aria to the city, all cities. Art for the people. A visual language that crosses culture, race and religion.    This will be a unique opportunity to see artists from three continents paint together for the first time working individually and collaborating to create murals with a wide range of styles that will hopefully work together in new and interesting ways inspiring both artist and spectator alike. This will re-enforce the common thread each of these artists share through the influence of the street and urban culture. These ties cross oceans through the cultural jamming of graphic youth related marketing, design, media and music.