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Submitted by caroline on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 14:38

The Band of Brothers Gives Fly Fishing New Vitality

Hooké is a crew of artists, photographers, filmmakers, and writers who are enthusiastic about creating a fly-fishing community, experiencing journeys together, and giving a voice to those they meet on the way. The creative band of brothers is based in Quebec City; the Canadian city serves as a starting locale to meet guides and fly tiers, pilots, and seasoned outdoorsmen who share their knowledge about fly fishing, and bestow new vitality upon an activity publicly portrayed as an old man's hobby.
One of their most recent trips saw them traveling from the mountains of British Columbia to the gigantic rivers that run through Swedish Lapland; the scenic backdrops facilitate the telling of stories of people who live for and by nature. Follow their trip in this video, or learn more about their work in our new book The Fly Fisher. You can see the whole trip at the Hooké tv show on UNIS starting April 4th, 19:30.

The Fly Fisher is a showcase of the essence and essentials of the global pastime. Get to know the key protagonists sewing beautiful lures and searching for the most remote places to post up. Browse the book for insight into the lives of the Hooké team and other fly fishers around the world.

Images by Hooké

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