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We Chose Five of Our Favorite Spots from the New Travel Guide Series

With its long-standing history as an academic and cultural epicenter, Paris has an almost magnetic pull for tourists and historians alike. Explore the City of Lights in our new travel guide by LOST iN. The guide to Paris is part of their quickly growing series of handbooks highlighting the hidden gems in major cities and let you into the lives of the locals through exclusive features and interviews. Find five of the top hangouts and hideaways straight from the guidebook to Paris, or see the full selection in LOST iN Paris


Ten Belles

Is there anything more quintessentially Parisian than a leisurely coffee on the terrace or front stoop of a local cafe? Run by Thomas Lehoux, Ten Belles is relaxed coffee joint just off the Central Saint-Martin. Stop by for quick sip; stay for a taste of the French Third Wave Coffee scene.



Galerie d'Anatomie Comparée et de Paléontologie

As part of the acclaimed Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, the Galerie d'Anatomie Comparée et de Paléontologie is home to hundreds upon hundreds of ancient skeletons. Explore the remains of animals past and present in this beautiful behemoth.


L’Object Qui Parle

L’Object Qui Parle is a hidden brocante tucked away in Paris’ 18th arrondissement. Owner Guillaume Bernard peddles second-hand wares from around the world from his charming storefront, and his impeccable tastes is on full display in every piece of antique furniture and well-preserved decorations.


Galerie Yvon Lambert

Galerie Yvon Lambert made its name as one of France’s leading art galleries in the Seventies for its strong program and taste for controversy. Since renowned Lambert, a renowned art collector, closed his art space to focus on tending to his collection, the gallery lives on as a book store focusing on art books from around the world.



With its simple French cuisine done well, Chatomat is an affordable luxury. Be sure to call ahead—the popular but cozy restaurant in Belleville is often fully booked two days in advanced.

Images from LOST iN Paris

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