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Submitted by caroline on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 16:06

Setting the Mood for the Scent

D.S. & Durga turn things they loved into scents. Starting their business in 2008, they handmade scented stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, folksongs, etc., and packed them into hand-stamped boxes in their Bushwick apartment, striving to do everything themselves, from design, to photography, to modeling. New York-based photographer Leta Sobierajski and graphic designer Wade Jeffree followed a similar path, when shooting the latest campaign for their signature scents, creating sets that would embody the mood and story of each fragrance.

To explore more striking product portraiture by some of today’s most imaginative photographers, designers, and stylists, browse our title The Still Life.

Images © Leta Sobierajski

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