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Submitted by nathan on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 14:56

Kirigami with Happycentro

As an art form, kirigami exists as a distant cousin to the well-known practice of origami, with cuts and folds each playing their part in creating three-dimensional renderings out of single sheets or paper. The designers at Happycentro in Verona, Italy, used the classic form for the invitations for a 10-kilometer run in London. Taking inspiration from the iconic skyline of the British capitol, the designers carved the cards out of a firm paper with the help of a laser cutter. The invitations were embossed with thin, golden accents for a simple but classic touch. 

Happycentro is one of the many protagonists featured in our new book You’re Invited!, which is a compendium of all the goings-on in the invitation design industry. Go behind the scenes at Happycentro in the video below, and get a full look at the blooming industry in You’re Invited!

Images taken from You’re Invited!

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