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Submitted by nathan on Wed, 12/16/2015 - 12:47

Gestalten for Everyone

A children’s book should both excite the child and please the discerning parent. Choose the perfect present for kids from our handpicked selection of Little Gestalten titles. Each book features bright illustrations and engaging narratives that will captivate the young mind.


Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower: the Parisian monument is an international symbol of romance. Madame Eiffel is a fictional love story about how the landmark came to be. The book also features evocative drawings by Csil, and was selected to be one of ten Best Illustrated Children’s Books for 2015 by the New York Times. Browse and buy Madame Eiffel.




Discover some of the planet’s most famous itineraries, ranging from the Silk Road to Route 66. Legendary Routes of the World brings to life five extraordinary expeditions through masterful paper engineering. Each route is presented as a double-page pop-up spread accompanied by interesting anecdotes and information. Browse and buy Legendary Routes of the World.



For many children, the human body is a source of constant fascination. My Body explains how it works through illustrations and texts that are created for children but are equally informative for adults. The book takes its readers on a fun and compelling journey through the human body, exploring our skeleton, how we breathe, where our blood flows, and more. Browse and buy the book here. 


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