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Submitted by nathan on Thu, 03/16/2017 - 14:33

Our New Book Hosts a Discussion on the Food as an Art Medium and Edible Eccentricity

What started at home has grown into an entire industry: food styling has moved far from just an Instagrammable pastime and into a new—and delicious—realm for visual exploration. Our new book Visual Feast dives deep into a world where food is both an art medium and an edible eccentricity ripe for innovation. Get a taste of what’s brewing in the world of food styling by browsing Visual Feast, or nibble at our sneak peek at the new developments in the delectable industry below.


Food is a narrative device inherently: the breaking of bread, Christmas dinner, Sunday roast. Soaked in tradition and ritual, it comes as no surprise that mealtimes have deep roots in our pop-culture lexicon. As such, photographer Heami Lee, food stylist Christine Buckley, and prop stylist Rebecca Bartoshesky joined forces to recreate their favorite food-based memories from classics including Beetlejuice, Groundhog Day, and Twin Peaks. The series is shot beautifully and served with a side of nostalgia.



Any baker will tell you that a gentle touch is needed to ace a pillowy soufflé, and that only the steadiest of hands should line a cake with lacey fondants. A visual medium, food as a photography sitter is no different. Perhaps that’s why Kia Utzon-Frank turned her edible marzipan sculptures into marbled delights. The founder of multidisciplinary design brand KUFstudios uses her background as a goldsmith to craft gorgeous—and edible—delights. Finished with layers of gold leafing or printed textures, the tacky almond paste provides an ample skeleton for the delectable desserts and allows the cakes to take a wide variety of shapes and forms.



For years, sticky sauces and sap-like food products have been used by Hollywood to create unworldly textures on camera. Why should food photography be any different? Sam Hofman took full advantage of the beauty in thick caramels and honey for his Häagen-Dasz shoot. Juxtapozed against the rough shell of a wallnut or a crystal’s cracking surface, the creamy sauces are seen in a new, luscious light.



Food is a welcome temptation: mouth-watering scents and enticing sights elevate eating from a daily task to a sensual imbibement. To pass over a scrumptious meal is simply a shame. Photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca teamed up to create a glamorous reimaging of the classic mouse trap—a symbol of temptation and desire. Their gourmet take on the visual trope offers up a rich serving that is too good not to dig in.


All images taken from Visual Feast

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