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Submitted by nathan on Thu, 08/17/2017 - 14:48

Spanish Home in a Grotto

In the sloping strata of Sierra Morena in Spain, rock quarries were mined to build the Cordoban cityscapes. These pockets now remain alongside the ample caves in the cliffside, and local architects are investing in the existing natural landscape for housing projects including the Casa Tierra. Architects Andrés Moreno and Manuel Murillo took a sprawling garden on a 23-acre estate and outfitted it with a 104-square-meter home. Capped with a series of windows, the building’s clean, white structure pops against the organic twists and turns of the cliffside rock shelves. The same rough edges line the interior, acting as a ceiling above the clean, modern furniture. 

Like many homes, Casa Terra was a thoughtful expansion on an existing structure—in this case, vernacular buildings common in the area. To see more breathtaking renovations and extensions, preview our book Upgrade, which is also available in German.

Images © David Vico

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