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Submitted by nathan on Wed, 08/23/2017 - 17:17

The Rising Illustrator Plays with Pop Culture

Adria Mercuri is a rising illustrator based in Brooklyn. A graduate of the esteemed School of Visual Arts in New York, she has a keen eye for detail, and each of her portraits is fine tuned to the coifs of a sitter’s hair. Mercuri is perhaps best known for her remarkable ability to replicate pop-culture icons from Frida Kahlo to David Lynch. She has a taste for the fictional too: her rendering of Joaquin Phoenix as the lead in Spike Jonze’s Her, or Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in the viral hit Stranger Things.

See more from Mercuri below, and find out how artists, designers, and illustrators are pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling in our book Illusive


Images © Adria Mercuri

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