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Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/01/2002 - 03:00

world tour

10 YEARS OF SABOTAGE >TAKE IT LIKE A FAN2 new books>installation>live acts>djs>visuals>and more This year, Sabotage Communications, the ultra-mobile Viennese music label founded by artist Robert Jelinek in 1992, is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, Robert Jelinek and Sabotage designer Christoph Steinegger are publishing two books that for the first time extensively document all of the internationally-active labelâ € ™s activities and affiliated projects, illustrated on more than 200 pages each. The first book, \"DAS MEDIEN MYSTERIEN THEATER\" (â € œThe Media Mystery Theater,â €? borrowed from Hermann Nitschâ € ™s work and press book \"Das Orgien Mysterien Theater\") documents for the first time the international media activities of the art label, focusing primarily on medial perception and presentation, as well as on art pranks, guerilla media, and fake campaigns. The range of the second book, \"TORMENTS & VICES,\" covers record releases of the last six years and the record-asphalting job of 1999, scent projects such as â € œCaSH Perfume - The Scent of Moneyâ €? (1998) and â € œEU de Toilleteâ €? (2001), the seventy public acts of Sabotage (1992-95), as well as the loudest car in Europe - THE BEAST (2001), the current â € œ70,000 Cannabis Plants for Kasselâ €? project for the Documenta XI (2002) and other associated handicaps. â € œDAS MEDIEN MYSTERIEN THEATERâ €? (Edition Selene, Vienna) and â € œSABOTAGE: TORMENTS & VICESâ €? (Gestalten Verlag, Berlin) will appear simultaneously in September 2002. On September 7, 2002, a world tour of the same name will begin, where both books will be presented to the greater public, accompanied by Sabotage music events in clubs, special visuals, and showcases in design museums.