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Juan Velasco On Infographics

As founder and creative director of 5W Infographics and former art director of National Geographic Magazine from 2008 to 2014, Juan Velasco is one of the biggest names in information design today. Previous to this, he worked as a graphic artist for the second largest daily newspaper in Spain, El Mundo, and as the Graphics Art Director for The New York Times.

While in Berlin last fall to lead a two-day Gestalten workshop, the data visualization expert sat down with to share his views on the difference between visual journalism and text-based reporting. He also explains the process behind his own rich yet clear narratives and points out some areas for improvement within this popular and ever-evolving field.
Juan Velasco’s extensive profile can be found in Gestalten’s book A Life in Illustration:

Juan Velasco’s extensive profile can be found in Gestalten’s books Around the World, A Life in Illustration, and Data Flow 2.


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