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On Creative Mapping and Editorial Design

Programme leader of the Master Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, Joost Grootens is a master of filtering and translating complex data into visually compelling and narrative storytelling atlases for print editorials. met the Dutch graphic designer during his two-day workshop at Gestalten Space. In our interview he offers some insightful views on books—and atlases in particular—and the way they let us reach a better understanding of the world of flux we live in by stemming the everyday flow of images and data. Very much rooted in the school of design devoted to clarity, Grootens and his team are equally devoted to creating contemporary objects and are not shy of taking an unconventional approach to offer their audience the ultimate in information experience.

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A production by Gestalten | Joost Grootens | Direction, Script, Music: Ole Wagner | Editor: Astrid Gleichmann | Camera: Robert Porsche | Location: Berlin | Copyright 2014 Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH und Co. KG