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Urban Interventions

Evolving from graffiti and street art, urban interventions are the next generation of artwork to hit public space. Using any and all of the components that make up urban and rural landscapes, these mostly spatial interventions bring art to the masses. They turn the street into a studio, laboratory, club, and gallery. Modified traffic signs, swings at bus stops, and images created out of sand or snow challenge us to rediscover our environment and interact with it in new ways. The work is an intelligent and critical commentary on the planning, use, and commercialization of public space.

Übersee 1

Gestalten Books

Übersee (Overseas) is a platform-focus-soapbox on all things out there, at seas, overseas.

A periodical at 3 issues a year it will have: no adverts, no sponsor, no fashion, no music, no reviews, no fame, no superstars and no compromise. But instead art, graphic design and photography will be allowed to mutate, interbreed, incubate and develop. Some things will be found and some things will be made.

Both timeless and very now, Übersee (Overseas) regularly assembles dgv’s true favourites.

Turning Pages

The media industry is in upheaval. New magazines, daily newspapers, and books are being developed, classics are being redesigned, and the interplay between the printed and digital realms is being tested. Against this background, Turning Pages is a perceptive survey of the state-of-the-art magazines, books, and newspapers that are redefining print media today as well as an inspirational forecast of future developments.


Show me your t-shirts and I’ll tell you who you are. Today’s t-shirts are projection screens for styles, thoughts, and attitudes; they are wearable calling cards. Wearers and designers of t-shirts define themselves through the featured visual codes and messages and are constantly trying to outdo each other when it comes to who has the most original ideas.


The terms mobility and ecological sustainability in recent years are giving themselves a complete visual makeover and freeing themselves of the out-of-date stereotypes from yesteryear. In Sideways: A Smart Art Project, top international creatives and leading trend magazines envision and visualize a new creative language for expressing green modes of mobility.


Today, illustration appears in design-related projects in a wide range of styles. One can find drawings done fleetingly by hand just as often as polished vector graphics created on computers. Motifs are not only being produced in pencil, chalk, airbrush and marker but also by mixing media, for example by combining illustration, photography and wallpaper. But when so many alluring possibilities currently exist in illustration, how can one stay up to date and how should one evaluate new developments?

Grid Index

Grid Index is the first comprehensive visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. It is an essential reference book for designers, visual artists, architects, researchers and mathematicians. From the simplest grids made up entirely of squares to the most complex irregular ones with infinitely unpredictable patterns of growth, the book itself is a work of art.