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The Little Know-It-All

What is a meta tag? What kind of measurement is DIN A1? What kind of clearance do you need before using copyrighted material? What does HSDPA mean for smart phones? How do social media influence a marketing mix?

This updated new edition of The Little Know-It-All provides the fundamental information designers need to know to thrive in their growing field of practice. It is an indispensable manual of the knowledge currently required of designers as the evolution of media re-defines their role and expands the disciplines in which they must be competent.

Boxed & Labelled Two!

Packaging is the face of a product. Packaging not only gives a product its visual identity, but it can also determine where that product is placed on a crowded store shelf and can be the crucial factor in determining our decision to buy. Over the last few years, however, the understanding of the role of packaging has changed. In the past, packaging was thought of as an extension of the product’s print advertising campaign—as a mere projection screen for established logos and brand messages. Today, packaging is considered to be a self-contained facet of an overall communication concept.

Papercraft 2

Paper is arguably the most influential material in human civilization. In our digital age, paper has become less important as a medium for the immediate transmission of information. As this shift occurred, designers and artists increasingly discovered the creative possibilities of paper’s endurance. Today, designing with paper continues to be a trend.

Cutting Edges

Collage has an outstanding tradition in the modern visual arts. Influenced by surrealism and Dada as well as constructivism, the technique was firmly established as an art form in the 1920s and 1930s through the work of artists such as John Heartfield, El Lissitzky, and Hannah Höch. Today, a new generation of young artists and illustrators is rediscovering collage.

My Green City

The last few decades were dominated by the urban, the digital, and the sleek as well as a notable esteem for speed and consumption. Today, a growing countermovement is advocating for a sustainable and more responsible way of dealing with our environment and bringing nature back to our cities. My Green City celebrates this turnaround as well as the way of life and creativity of the designers, artists, architects, activists, and passionate laypeople involved.

Ready to Print

"This book is brilliant! It's the only one I would take with me to a desert island so that I could continue to design and produce there."
- Erik Spiekermann  

These days, designers must be proficient in creating final artwork and be familiar with pre-print and production processes. Ready to Print helps designers prepare their data and materials so that the best-possible result can be achieved with an optimal print run. Detailed descriptions of each step also ensure that designers can accurately plan their workflow and budget in these areas.


In 1995 Thomas Marecki aka Marok, mastermind of the extremely successful Schizophrenic! and Lodown -engineering, had the right idea, in the right place, at the right time he founded the highly praised Lodown, an organ which imparted the until then visual blank page of the German and European board, street and graffiti scene with its urgent required, unique style.

Los Logos 5

With a new look and editorial approach, Los Logos 5: Compass  remains the authoritative reference on contemporary logo design.

Like its predecessors, Los Logos 5: Compass offers a definitive overview of current developments and advancements in logo design—the creative discipline that shapes the identities of brands, companies, and individuals.

Lingua Universalis

Gestalten Books

Dieses Buch ist der würdige Nachfolger des Bestsellers Lingua Grafica, das sich im internationalen Markt als Werkzeug und Ratgeber für den Designer-Alltag etabliert hat. Die Erwartungen von Fans des Vorgängers werden nicht enttäuscht – auch Imperium Imaginum beinhaltet eine strukturierte Sammlung der neusten Logos und Icons des Mutabor Design-Büros.

+rosebud no.3

+rosebud is a design magazine that operates with the desire to explore and exhaust the possibilities and potentials that paper and 2D- structure have to offer. The symbolic name, a derivation from the the last, mysterious word that the newspaper tycoon stammers out in Orson Welles' film classic "Citizen Cane", figuratively indicates that +rosebud is an attempt to explain the puzzle `medium' - keeping Welles' experimental spirit in mind.

The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine

Francesco Franchi, one of the most exceptional talents working in graphic design today, has been IL’s art director since 2008. Thanks to his distinctive visual concepts, the magazine has received worldwide acclaim and is widely considered to be a modern classic. In 2013, Gestalten published Franchi’s Designing News, which explores the future of the news and media industries in our digital age.